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sun1.jpgMany years ago a friend who was starting to do yoga (yet to be anywhere near the everywhere-you-look phenom it is today) told me about her discovery: Start every day with warm lemon water. She said it had pretty much changed her life by answering her body’s need for something calming, cleansing, and refreshing. The perfect way to awaken and begin the day.

So if you’re not a morning lemon water drinker, I’m here to remind you of its sublimely simple benefits. Lemon helps clear toxins, dissolve mucus, and alkalize the body (the only citrus fruit that actually makes the body more alkaline despite its acidity). Thus making you less hospitable to illness and more inclined to heal.

Warmish or unrefrigerated water is best. Just squeeze a quarter or half a lemon and sip before anything else hits your stomach. Try for a week and see how you feel.

Are you a morning lemon water drinker? Any tips?

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