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sun1.jpg“I strive to be as grateful as I am lucky.” That’s from my friend J.B., from a Facebook status update. I love that idea of keeping your blessings and your appreciation of your blessings balanced–that leaves a whole lot less room for kvetching and whinging.

I guess unless you feel somehow not lucky. In which case I think you could say, “I strive to be as lucky as I am grateful,” and just keep your gratitude awareness high and see if it affects your “luck.” A lot of “law of attraction” folks say that’s the key to attracting great things, experiences, and people into your life–being thankful for what you already have, which keeps you buzzing at a high, positive vibration. And also, when we’re thankful in general, even “bad” stuff doesn’t seem quite so crappy, or we’re just a bit more resilient when it comes at us.

I hope that’s not all too heady for a morning post. It’s actually super simple–a mobius strip of gratitude and luck, or happiness. They loop into each other and feed each other so nicely.

Have a very gratitude-filled, luck-attracting day.

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