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Today has been a snowy day, the kind that reminds me that not all snow is created equal.  This morning, fluffy, quiet snow gently floated to the ground, leaving but a dusting.  Then the thermometer crept up a few degrees and that lovely dust turned to slush, and now it’s just “ugly-raining,” or at least that’s what I’m calling it.

To try to train my winter mind back to this morning’s perfect-snow beauty, I’ll share 10 ways to find joy in the snow, courtesy of a great new gallery by Marcia McFee and Karen Foster.  This isn’t your typical snow angel, snowball fight collection of ideas–it’s a road map to finding real happiness, playfulness, and peace in the thing we too-often think of as a impediment to our morning commute.  Even better news?  There are 21 fun ideas in the gallery, so start here and then click here to check out the rest

And of course, add your fun-in-the-snow tips to the comment area.

10 Ways to Have (Meaningful) Fun in the Snow

1.  Face the Falling Snow: Lift your face to the falling snow and imagine the soft touch of flakes as kisses from the Divine.

2. Breathe: Breathe the cool winter
air in and out slowly and deeply. Let it “air out” all those things you
have been shutting in, holding in, and needing to let go of.

3. Marvel at Nature: Marvel at one small detail of creation-such as a branch or pine
cone-keeping watch over the course of the winter as it is covered and
uncovered with snow.

4. Catch Some Snowflakes: Catch some flakes on your tongue. Close your eyes and savor the experience as they melt and become a part of you.

5. Let Yourself Go: Unleash your spirit by letting out a loud “woo hoo!” as you slide down a slope on skis, board or sled.

6. Enjoy the Snow Beneath Your Feet: Listen attentively to the unique percussion of snow crunching under your feet.

7. Gaze Upward: Gaze upward and choose a flake to follow all the way to the ground. And another. And Another.

8. Write Messages: Create positive and uplifting affirmations, words and images in the snow. Leave a message that will make the next person who comes that way smile.

9. See Things as a Snow Globe: While standing in a snowstorm, imagine you are in a snow globe scene being held and watched by a curious onlooker. Say hello!

10. Be Excited: When you look out your window at a fresh snow,
let your heart leap with the joy of a child.  Imagine that every
snow-covered thing you see before you is a work of sacred art.

Click here for more simple ways to enjoy the snow.

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