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sunset_peaceful.jpgYesterday I wrote about noticing when stress causes you to shut down your breathing. Then talking to a friend yesterday, we realized an interesting follow-up question to “What makes you hold your breath” is the more positively spun: “What makes you breathe deeply?”

You know those moments–when you read a perfect phrase or see a photo of some stunning natural glory? Or see actual natural glory? And your whole body suddenly breathes easy and how yummy it feels? I love the idea of deeply noticing, magnifying, and enjoying those micro-moment of peace.

Like yesterday I was reading my favorite mad-poet astrologer Rob Brezsny. For Aries this week he ends with: “If you want your intelligence to work at peak efficiency in the coming days, you’ll need long stretches of tender, lucid calm.” Wow. “Tender, lucid, calm.” Oh my loveliness. I spontaneously released a big breath, so loud my cubical mates asked what was wrong. Oh my happy, relaxing diaphragm and digestion and emotions.

What’s the last thing that made you breathe deeply?

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