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Congratulations go out to Zach Bonner, the extraordinary 12-year-old who today became Beliefnet’s youngest-ever Most Inspiring Person of the Year award-winner!  Watch the photo montage and interview above (or click here to read the interview), and prepare to be inspired by the breadth of projects he’s undertaken over the past 6 years (yes, that’s right–since he was 6 years old!) on behalf of homeless children, including a 1,200-mile “My House to the White House” walk he completed this year.

What I love most about Zach is the powerful simplicity of his message:  that any person, no matter how young or old, rich or poor, stressed or bored, has something to give…and can make a difference. 

Congratulations, Zach, on the generous purpose and meaning that you’ve discovered in your life, and the inspiration you’ve shared with all of us.

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