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Do you have 15 minutes?  Are your hands itching to do something other than type?  What are you waiting for–make a paper snowflake! 

That’s what I did this morning – right at my desk, in less than 15 minutes.  I was inspired by Maggie Mason, aka Mighty Girl, who covered her windows with delicate, unique (aren’t they all?!) wax paper snowflakes.  I thought, hey!  I have wax paper!  I have scissors!  Who needs caffeine when such a fun, crafty break awaits….


Ok, so maybe it was 2 fun, crafty breaks….so sue me.  But guess what I learned in the process?  There are tons of websites (like this one) with paper snowflake patterns for your replicating pleasure!  I didn’t want to fuss too much, but I roughly tried to imitate this pattern with the flake on the left.   

You can make a snowflake out of anything – wax paper is lovely and translucent, but plain printer paper will do, as will anything from coffee filters to grocery bags.  And Valerie discovered this gorgeous idea for how to cut snowflakes out of paper doilies for an extra-frilly effect–wow!

I might just experiment with making quick snowflakes whenever I need a break.  How long will it take to fill my window with lace-y beauty?  How long would it take you?

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