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sun1.jpgI’m taking a yoga workshop this week, every morning from 7 am to 9 am (uhg) and the theme is detoxing. Our teacher has given us two homework assignments so far. Yesterday was: What can you let go of? Coffee? Chocolate? Bread? What thing do you think you need that you can live without? I’m choosing chocolate. (Double uhg.)

She followed up with us this morning. “What did you learn through the homework assignment?” After a reeeallly long silence, one woman spoke: “Letting go is hard.” A few of us laughed in recognition at the succinct simplicity. Letting go is indeed hard. But it allows us to receive. It allows us to flow with life’s changes, it allows us to have spaciousness.

Is there something–food, animal, vegetable, mineral–that you’re holding in clenched fists? Can you let it go for four days and see what happens?

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