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garlic chili flax seed oilOver at my personal blog I keep regular gratitude lists, but I thought, in honor of post-Thanksgiving gratitude continuation, I’d do an exclusively food-based list here in honor of Foodie Friday (and National Cookie Day!). These are a few of my favorite edible things (today!):

1) Annie’s Naturals Goddess Dressing (ok, that’s a perennial)

2) Pears (and also picking up two pears and getting to say “a pair of pears”–never gets old)

3) Water, filtered

4) Coffee from Pret a Manger (it’s organic)

5) Amazake’s Gimme Green bottled smoothies

6) Iced green jasmine tea

7) Stoneyfield Farms’ plain, no-fat yogurt with a splash of maple syrup, cinnamon, raisins, and Uncle Sam’s cereal

8) Uncle Sam cereal

9) Frozen Bananas from Trader Joe’s

10) Dagoba lavender chocolate bars (mmm, just this side of sachet-herbal, they melt into lavendery bliss)

11) Arugula

12) Quinoa

13) Arame seaweed, tossed with a teeny bit of toasted sesame oil

14) Tahini

15) Cocoa Bliss vegan ice cream in Galactic Mint

16) Lemons

17) Garlic!

18) Organic, white pinot grigio

19) Garlic-Chili flax seed oil

20) Fresh whipped cream

21) Apples, super-crisp, not too sweet

And you, dear eater? What are some of your all-time favorite things to ingest? Mmm, food. I need to go eat now.

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