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coping-with-holiday-stress.jpg‘Tis the season where “jingle all the way” can become “jangled nerves” in a flash–or the twinkle of a Christmas light, or the flicker of a Hanukkah candle, or….oy, I’m exhausted already.

Here’s my general inventory of things that stress us out during the holidays (not necessarily in rank order):

1.  How to pay for everything
2.  What to give as gifts
3.  How to deal with your family
4.  How to cope with loneliness
5.  How to cope with depression or grief
6.  What to cook or bake
7.  How to hold onto a sense of meaning

Need I go on?  I didn’t think so.  But breathe….you didn’t think I’d get you all upset and then leave you to stew in your stress, did you?  Please–that’s not the Fresh Living way!  The elves all around Beliefnet have been busy creating features that will help you clear the stress-dust from your eyes so you can take in the beauty and joy that’s waiting for you this holiday season.  So go ahead–click yourself stressless!

Christmas Without Cash

21 Holiday Stress Busters

Inspiring Gift Ideas

How to Make Peace with Your Family

How to Remember a Loved One at the Holidays

Bake Yourself a Happy Holiday

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