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yulelog.jpgBaby, it’s cold outside. I  can actually get into the cold–the way it wakes up every last sluggish cell and gives you that “I’M ALIVE!” feeling. But also, uhg, brr, ouch.

Here are some ideas for generating warmth in the midst of the cold, which is a little bit like enjoying the silence between your thoughts. Calm, cozy, gratitude-inducing.

1) Literally get out of town. A short jaunt to somewhere toasty and sun-drenched doesn’t have to cost a fortune–and you can take those warm memories with you all the way to summer.

2) Watch a yule log. I have a video of a burning yule log that I love. And oddly, it actually makes a room seem warmer. I’ve seen people cozy up to it like a real fire.

3) Snuggle. Grab a person, a cat, any mammal–or even a fluffy stuffed animal–and snuggle. Softness somehow feels warm; curl into it and enjoy.

4) Get socks. I mean, serious socks. Socks that make you feel like royalty for their squooshy warmness, their delicious color, the way they make your feet feel safe as home.

5) Drink tea. Not coffee, not hot cocoa, but tea. There is no substitute for a good steeping cup of liquid plants. And enjoy the whole lovely ritual. Hopefully while gazing out onto a natural landscape of winter–you’l be able to associate yummy coziness with whatever frost is out there.

6) Do “breath of fire” breathing. Talk to your doc of course, but assuming all is well, try the yogic version of a snuggie–contract your belly with sharp exhales out your nose–the inhales will take care of themselves. Do three rounds of 50 and see how you feel. (See more detailed breath of fire instructions here.)

7) Go to a sauna. I know this is obvious, but I often forget it’s an option to find a spot where I can get deeply, deeply warm. A local gym or spa may allow you to pay a small fee just to use the sauna or steamroom.

How do you get through the cold, assuming you live somewhere with drastic seasons?

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