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sun1.jpgThe other morning as I was racing along my way, I thought I saw someone who needed help lifting something and realized she was fine. And then I had the thought: “What if I started every day with the question: “How can I give today?” Then I’d be oriented toward looking for openings all day long for ways to serve.

This question, I realized, contrasts sharply with the one I usually unconsciously employ: “How can I get through today?” That one instantly puts me in a crouched, victimized, defensive posture, warding off troubles as they hurtle at me. So, I’m trying out “How can I give today?” because living in that question makes me sit up straighter, feel more empowered and less fearful. Can I hold that door a few seconds longer than is strictly socially necessary? Ask a lost-looking tourist if she needs directions? Let someone go ahead of me in line? Plus bigger things–like not venting my anger on someone even if they “deserve” it, donating $10 to a friend’s charity drive, etc. Little and bigger. All giving. All a bolder way to face the world.

So, how can you give today?

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