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Last night, I had what I call a “message dream.”  There was not much to it–no action, no characters, no setting, nothing.  Nothing, that is, except for a message, repeated over and over. 

In the dream, I heard a voice saying, “Toxic thoughts are water soluble.”  I woke up feeling great – warm, calm, content.  But what in the world does it mean?  That I finally drank enough water yesterday?  That some negative emotion left me in the night?  That my brain had some kind of short circuit?

A message dream is so simple, it stays with you all day.  You try to figure out what it means–if it means anything at all.  Message dreams are pretty rare, and I tend to feel great whenever I have them.

Have you ever had a “message dream?”  What do you think “Toxic thoughts are water soluble” might mean?

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