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One of my spiritual practices is to make regular gratitude lists. I aim for every day. Lately I’ve gotten a couple of notes, both from strangers and friends, saying this jotting down of thanks helps them. It’s certainly not news–people have been counting their blessings since the first breath, I imagine. But here are some reasons you might want to add it to your handful of spiritual supplements.

1) You could reduce your stress and improve your overhall health.

2) Looking at the positive trains your brain to see the good things as much as you do the not-so-good.

3) You can see the genuinely positive elements in negative experiences–without being in denial or pollyanna-ish.

4) Some say that “like attracts like”–and when you see your life as generally good, more good will come to you.

5) Appreciative people are more popular than complaining, negative people.

6) You can shift your mood from hopeless to hopeful; grateful people are happier–less fearful and depressed and more optimistic.

7) You can realize you have enough, now–making you less easily threatened, more fulfilled, and more generous.

8) You’ll inspire other people to count their blessings, thereby spreading happiness in the world.

9) When you are filled with gratitude it’s much harder to see yourself as a victim and much easier to be full of happiness and pride.

10) Your love-light will shine a bit brighter. And we need more love-light–especially yours.

Here are some gratitude quotes to inspire you.

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