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choconana.jpgThe other day I was in an actual old-school candy shop.on New York City’s Lower East Side. While my friend gathered chocolates for a housegift I was left to wander and drool. Chocolate-covered raisins! Chocolate from Madagascar! Gummy everything. Chocolate-covered gummy stuff!

But in the name of healthy choices, I refrained from filling my fists with sugary, empty-calorie treats. And then, reward! I came across a little rack of flat fruit leather by Matt’s Munchies; the packaging bragged it was “a healthy, all natural trip to paradise.”  

I tried the Island Mango (yum) and the Choco-Nana (heaven). They’re little rectangular strips that definitely work your jaw (which I actually like) and I like the Choco-Nana because it tastes exactly like that–very simple, not too sweet. Its only ingredients are: banana puree, semi-sweet chocolate (evaporated cane juice, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter), organic chocolate concentrate (water, organic gum acacia, organic flavors). They’re also free of gluten. 

And the whole satisfying packet is 90 calories. The rush of lunchtime fruit leather memories: free!

You should be able to find it in your local health food store, but if not you can buy them by the case here:


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