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When I woke last night for a bathroom run, my foot crashed into an errant boot I had left on the floor. Nothing like a stabbing jolt of pain at 4am!

Now today I’m home sick (I’ve also got a cold, yay) and hobbling with a very swollen, unhappy toe. It might not seem that central to a fresh, healthy life, but I’m remembering all over again: Feet are a very big deal! Happy toes = normal life. Unhappy toes = a whole lot of crankiness to overcome. (And yep, that picture is of my actual foot–Ms. Stubbed is next to the pinky toe, bruised and swollen. Sorry if it’s icky, but I thought a visual might help.)

So, I’m wondering if any of you have ideas for natural remedies (since going to a doctor for this isn’t really an option) for a stubbed toe. Ice would probably be good, but I’m already freezing today. I’m considering trying to do a little reiki on it because it definitely needs some love. But, ouch! What do you do for a wounded toe? Thanks for any thoughts!


UPDATE: Tips for Treating a Stubbed Toe, Naturally

So many of you and my Facebook friends have offered great suggestions. Thank you! Here they are, compiled:

1) Ice–even over a towel if the cold is too much

2) Gentle movement to get the circulation going

3) Yoga teacher Marjorie Nass reminded me to do vipariti karani a.k.a. “legs up the wall” to allow gravity to take down the swelling. Lie on your back and scoot your bum toward the baseboard and then swing your legs up the wall–you’ll look like an “L” shape, with your torso at a 90-degree angle to the wall. This helped me more than anything.

4) Arnica–in cream and homepathic pellets

5) Kathy smartly suggested warming essential oils like this blend. I actually made my own with apricot kernel oil and anti-bruising oils cypress, lavender, and rosemary. Which I very delicately put on my foot. 

6) Elevate–I propped it on a pillow while zoning away my pain to season one of the Mary Tyler Moore show.

7) Tape the toe to its neighbor toe. I didn’t do this for fear of inflicting more pain, but I can see how this would help with walking–something I avoided most of the weekend!

Thanks, all!  

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