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Our fab blog sister Victoria Moran at A Charmed Life wrote a great post on how to detox last week. Love it. It’s always something on my mind as the seasons change–expecially as we head into a time most laden with sugar and carb temptations. Maybe this year we can pre-detox–becoming a little more mindful so there’s less damage to control in January.

10 Simple Ways to Detox

1. Go away and fast. This is the biggy. Fasting (water only) and complete rest under competent supervision at a place like True North Health in Santa Rosa, California, can work wonders of healing. Fasting practitioners would say: “It doesn’t work wonders: it just gives your body the chance to heal.”


2. Stay home (or go away) and do a juice diet. These are basically restricted diets or partial fasts that relieve your body of enough of the work of digestion that lots of healing can transpire. Best juices for fasting are greens with milder veggies and fruits to make them palatable. Healthy people should do fine on juice for a week to ten days, but if you’re under a doctor’s care, get clearance to do this. Among the conditions that contraindicate any unsupervised fasting or  juice-feasting are diabetes, hypoglycemia, anorexia, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.
3. Sweat. In a sauna (not a steam room — too much chlorine is in the steam), or a hot yoga class, or in a hot bath followed a snuggling under warm covers, let yourself sweat. It helps the skin, your largest organ of detoxification, do its job.
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