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You guys, there comes a time.  A time when you realize that if something is toxic–a food item, a relationship, a town–it’s not your job to detoxify it.  A time when you reclaim control of the space where you live, the air you breathe, and what goes into your body.  A time when you send back the new furniture that, while lovely, turns out to be made of headache-and-eye-water-inducing poison.

That’s exactly what I am doing this week–sending back the beautiful dining room set that looks gorgeous, but is offgassing VOCs so strongly that a friend reminded me of the time we dissected cats in high school biology class, and I thought, “That!  That’s what it smells like!”

This after one week of trying the following to de-pollute my first floor:

1.  Opening both windows in the room wide
2.  Turning Vornado fan on high
3.  Placing big bowls of baking soda in the sideboard
4.  Placing large bowl of white vinegar on the table
5.  Praying

As disappointed as I am that these holistic methods didn’t work, and as exhausted as I am at the thought of starting the furniture hunt over, I am empowered by the process of saying “No” to poison and showing it the door.  Thank you, 7-day return policy! 

Won’t Thanksgiving dinner taste that much better with my family seated at a table that’s only odor byproducts are cinnamon, thyme, butter, and coffee?

Toxins, begone!  Hello Craigslist, antique shop, and vintage furniture store! 

Have you ever battled “new furniture smell?”  Has a store ever given you a hard time for returning an item because of offgassing? 

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