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sun1.jpgWhen I was little my mom made yummy cinnamon toast–on Wonderbread with refined sugar. Having eschewed those ingredients, especially the white bread part, cinnamon toast dropped from my memory for years. Until the other morning I was making my usually breakkie of multigrain toast with almond butter and honey. Except instead of almond butter for some reason I used ghee (clarified butter) and then my go-to creamed local honey. And just for fun, I dashed some cinnamon on top. Oh my! Suddently I was back in our tiny kitchen as a tiny girl eating that delicious cinnamon toast of yore. I highly recommend giving it a try:

Healthy Connamon Toast Recipe

You’ll need:

One or two slices of the most whole-grain bread you can find (I love Eli’s Health Loaf)

Ghee, enough to spread

Creamed honey, same amount as the ghee

Cinnamon, just enuogh to sprinkle over the top


Toast the bread

Spread the ghee

Spread the honey on top of the ghee

Sprinkle cinnamon

Enjoy the toasty goodness!


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