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Beliefnet has a partnership with NYC’s local TV station My9 that includes us editors talking about different aspects and kinds of faith. The latest is on astrology, one of Bnet’s most popular features. I happen to be a little bit of an amateur astrology junkie–today is Susan Miller day and I am very excited. I don’t buy the daily newspaper horoscopes, but I find more in-depth analyses of transits, especially those based on your entire chart, especially illuminating. I think it’s a helpful filter through which to glimpse the world and my own life. What do you think? Do you read your horoscope? Or think it’s a buncha hogwarsh?

Check out our astrology coverage here. Or sign up for our free daily astro newsletter. (I know I just said “meh” on the daily horoscope thing, but these are lots of fun.) And by all means, check out our WONDERFUL astrology blogger Lynn Hayes. She’s one of the most talented astrologers out there and also happens to be a delight.

I’m at the very end of the video below…

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