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magazines.jpgI ask because I am.  I love their shiny paper-feel in my hand.  I love the gorgeous photography and enticing headlines.  I love the ritual and reward of looking forward to a new issue, which feels like a gift when it arrives.  And I love curling up with a stack of unread mags and diving in, flipping through, and maybe even learning something in the process.

Today was a very good magazine day–my mail just came, and I joyfully discovered 5 gleaming new mags in the pile!  I think the magazines we subscribe to say a lot about who we are, what we care about, what we are striving towards in our lives.  Here are the 5 that just came today (not all of my subscriptions, I feel compelled to add…):

1.  Newsweek–my love of magazines might actually trace back to my mother’s weekly ritual of sitting in a comfy chair and reading her Newsweek, casually calling out interesting tidbits to my sister and me as we did homework.

2.  The New Yorker–because I trust them.  And, duh, the cartoons.

3.  Brew–a beer-brewing magazine that my husband gets because he’s a make-your-own beer guy.  And though I’m not a beer drinker, I do love the smell of hops….luckily! 

4.  Organic Gardening–so many projects, so little time (and land).  Inspiring every month.  This month, an interview with Michael Pollan!

5.  Everyday Food–not my all-time favorite food mag (that’s Fine Cooking), but a sweet, compact magazine that always has something new and good (and easy) that I want to try.

What mags do you most look forward to?  Do you have a love affair with magazines?  Do you have special tips for saving the best clippings/ideas/recipes you find?  I’m a binder girl myself….

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