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My, oh my, the interwebs can be harsh. Though 99.9 percent of you make the best comments evar (and we are so glad you read, and comment–or read and don’t comment!), sometimes the trolls come out like they did for this “How to Talk to a Tree” post. The vitriol actually has inspired me to write more about trees, interestingly enough. So I gathered some of my favorite tree-related products and gifts to share. Go trees!

tree_mug.jpgTree Hugger Mug by Jane Jenni

I’ve written about this awesome company before, and have extra love for their tree-hugger mug, which sits next to me all day long–my non-paper vessel for hydration. $15,


douglasfirtiptea1.jpgDouglas Fir Tip Tea

Want to feel close to a tree when you’re not? This stuff is like liquid forest–light, piney, fresh. Just thinking about it makes me happy. And it’s wildcrafted by a company called Juniper Ridge that is super-eco and gives 10 percent (a REAL amount for a change!) to charities. $7, 


fir_essential-oil.jpgBalsam Fir Tree Essential Oil

Aromatherapists say that fir oil, steam-distilled from the needles–has alagesic properties, making it good for achy muscles, arthritis, and colds. It’s also uplifting and stimulating. I take a whiff whenever I’m in need of grounding a reminder of nature. Make sure you dilute this one–it can be a skin irritant. $10


the-treehouse-book.jpgThe Treehouse Book

What’s more fun that scampering up a tree and getting to be in your own leafy wonderland? The people who own the homes and playhouses featured in this book by Peter Nelson would say not much is better. I’ve loved this book for years–it even features a monk friend’s former Berkshire hermitage. $22.50 



wallhook.jpgBranch Hooks

Live Wire Farm carefully hand-crafts these lovely, lovely hooks. I don’t know how they’re made in terms of earth-consciousness, but I do know the company makes a highly eco honey–and I’m guessing they’re not chain-sawing down trees for these. So pretty! $40-$50.



pink_hammock.jpgTravel Hammock

I bought a different travel hammock this summer and haven’t gotten to use it yet. I like this one because it’s pink–and a portion of proceeds goes to the Save the Tatas Foundation. So while you’re doing good, you can let the trees hold you up and sway between them. Swoon. $50

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