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These cool fall mornings make me want to snuggle a few extra minutes in my soft, warm sheets.  But that blissfully relaxing feeling is never farther away than when one is shopping for those sheets.  The choices are endless, and often they come down to this question:  what the heck is a thread count?

Here’s the answer offered by WiseGeekThread count refers to the number of threads, both vertical and horizontal, in a one-inch square of fabric…. Using finer threads also allows for more thread to fit in a square inch. Finer thread often results in smoother, softer fabrics, part of the reason high thread count fabrics are considered more desirable than fabrics with a low thread count.

Putting numbers to it, thread counts of 100 or higher are your “percale” sheets, and between 180 and 400 is the thread count sweet spot for those heavenly smooth, soft sheets we crave.  Those 1000-thread-count sheets you see in the store are probably not worth their high prices, experts seem to agree (check out this New York Times article for more sheet-y fun facts)

What’s your favorite sheet set?  Do you go for organic cotton?  Sustainable bamboo cellulose?  High thread counts?  A certain color scheme? 

In what do you rest best?

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