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On my vacation to Cape Cod last week, I happened to glance down off the porch and see an extraordinary sight: a bird’s nest carefully built into the vortex of a thorny, busy climbing rose. 

I couldn’t stop staring, marveling at the bird’s genius.  She had built her nest in a place that was, on the face of it, dangerous, even deadly (those are some serious thorns!).  But she built it there because she had obviously figured out how to get herself and her birdlings in and out safely.  Predators would want nothing to do with it, so she could breathe/cheep/sing easy.

In other words, the bird had figured out how to have a safe, warm nest in an otherwise thorny place.  So this morning, if your world feels thorny, look for your safe, comfy nest.  Where have you cleverly hidden it?

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