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Of course there is the potential for them to blow it–the movie version of “Where the Wild Things Are.” But Dave Eggers plus Spike Jonze and Maurice Sendak’s public approval? “I’ve never seen a movie that looked or felt like this,” Sendak recently said, “And it’s his personal ‘this.’ And he’s not afraid of himself. He’s a real artist that lets it come through in the work. So he’s touched me. He’s touched me very much.” 

Sooo this all equals that the book’s original, transporting magic might translate. Those Wild Things and Max taught me to be brave. To trust some strange things that seem bristly on the outside. Something in me is very excited to see the creatures as I’ve imagined them–large, furred, alive, and bizarrely beautiful. Protectors.

To tempt us, there’s a very cool trailer for film, coming out October 16th.

Plus, here’s Spike Jonze et al’s really neat blog leading up to the film’s release, We Love You So.


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