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Pretty-Autumn-Leaves.jpgThanks to reader Ellie Dee for sharing her beautiful journal reflections about autumn, the season we inaugurate tomorrow, September 22, with the official fall equinox at 5:18 pm.

Check out Ellie Dee’s beautiful insights, and let us know in the comments what autumn means to you:

“Autumn holds a sense of romance in it, for it is the season where love
has matured. It’s the season where we leave the springtime
of our youth….  In Autumn, we no longer accept just a glance, a wink, or
a fast hand, as a gesture of love. It’s a time when love itself matures
and becomes redefined….

It’s the time we realize, life is not lived in black or white, nor
even gray. It becomes our most creative time. It’s Autumn when
for the first time in our lives, we notice we have hues, tones,
values, and a depth of color to draw upon. These values and tones add
the color of experience, that better expresses who we are.”

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