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Shay_Biggest_Loser.jpgLast night was the premiere of the eighth season of “The Biggest Loser,” NBC’s weight loss show that inspires some and chagrins others (including our sister blogger Janice Taylor).  Though this season is packed with compelling stories and ever-larger contestants, there was one moment that stood out for me.

It was when Jillian Michaels, the tough-as-nails (read: screamy-but-she-really-cares-about-you) trainer was verbally wrestling with Shay, the program’s largest-ever contestant whose first weigh-in was 476 pounds.  Shay wanted to quit.  Jillian wanted her to stay, and felt the literal weight that Shay’s painful personal history (her mom’s heroin addiction sabotaged her young life) taking over Shay’s mind.

Jillian told the camera, essentially, “Shay has a story about her tragic past playing in her head.  It’s not real.  And I will not co-sign on her bullcrap.”

I’m really pulling for Shay–and I really like that phrase, “I will not co-sign on that bullcrap.”  Not because it’s smarmy, but because it’s a strong cognitive-behavioral nudge that can get one past any number of fearful spirals that might unleash in our minds on a daily basis.

It’s basically looking a fear square in the eye and saying, “Sorry, dude, but you have no sanctuary here.  Sell crazy someplace else.  Just keep walkin’, friend.  To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, you don’t have my permission to hurt me.  So buh-bye.” 

Once the fearful thought is gone, oh, the places you can go!  Which is the point of the show, and is, in my view, a worthy goal for all of us, whether we have weight to lose or a job to find or a personal problem to overcome or anything else going on. 

Do you have any favorite fear-disabling phrases?

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