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This is something I wrote last year on the anniversary on my personal blog, and with my own permission, am reprinting it here. I had a close call on 9/11 and my heart extends to all those who mourn, close and away.


good morning.

it’s 7:00-am ish. i’d just like to offer up a prayer for today.

holy god or goddess or one source of true divine love,

on this day, may we honor all those who died seven years ago. may we honor those who died in fear or in love or in saving other people.

may we honor the great hole that was ripped into the heart of this city, this planet, those immediate hours of shock and pain, and fear.

may we honor those who saw things that no human should have to see without choice. may we honor those who survived. may we honor those who rescued. may we honor those who lost. may we honor those who suffered.

may we honor the angels and cosmic beings who came to help us that day. who indeed helped this all from being so much worse. may we honor the love and kindness that surfaced that day and the days following. when strangers asked how you were and waited for an answer. when people made eye contact and god-blessed each other. when it felt safer to feel close than to feel separate.

despite the circus that followed and the political and corporate industry that day quickly became, today may we be reminded of our vulnerability to life and to each other. and how that can be a good thing. may we know we are all human enough to kill. to die. to care for each other. may we be reminded of our connection. to our beloveds and our murderers. to a larger love.

may we sense whatever light we can from the darkness of that day and this one. may we send our blessings to the sites of the attacks. may we imagine ground zero as a blessed sacred place full of love and roses to honor those who died all together so quickly. may we remember our own sacred ground. may we walk that ground today with reverence, tenderness, and awe.

may we remember that this tragedy links us to other tragedies and suffering the world over. may we know our humanity more deeply, more exquisitely, more profoundly. may we have compassion.

may all beings be happy. may all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. may all beings be grateful. may all beings give love and receive love. may all beings be safe and nourished. may all beings be fed and free and know joy and laughter and play.

may we remember to be kind to ourselves and others.

and i’d like to send blessings to the people i knew:


and gratitude that i didn’t go with them. tho i could have so easily. but i’m here. and i hear them saying-be there. be alive. be there.

amen, awoman. thank you, thank you, thank you.

om shanti. shanti, shanti.

may peace live in the hearts of all beings, including you and me and them.

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