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beatlesbox.jpgWow, all you need is love and the entire Beatles music catalog, digitally remastered. All you Beatles fans, take note: Your favorite songs–all 12 albums of them–have been cleaned up–pops and clicks removed and volume levels boosted–and for a limited time the CDs will be embedded with documentaries of each album. It’s timed to coincide with the release of a Beatles video game for “Rock Band.” But whatever. Non game-heads can just ignore that part and revel in the hi-fi glory. (Though honestly, the game sounds pretty cool.)

Also, the date of the release is no coinkydink: as CNN writes:

“Diehard Beatle-ologists may take note that the release date could be viewed as a nod to the Beatles track “One After 909” from the “Let It Be” album — or a reference to the White Album’s “Revolution 9.” (John Lennon, who was born on October 9, occasionally talked about his fondness for the number 9.)”

Check out Amazon’s Beatles store–looks like you’ll be able to buy the set or each album individually.

What song would you most look forward to hearing fresh? What’s you favorite Beatles song of all time? 


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