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Woodstock_poster.jpgIn this so-great video, part of the New York “Woodstock Memories” 40th anniversary series, one woman recounts her most memorable moment at the concert: She’s lost, a stranger asks her what she really wants, and it appears. My new motto is “Olives!” and after you watch it might be yours too:

Were you at Woodstock? Or nearby? Or have a Woodstock-related story to share?

The slooshy, generation-changing mud and music fest happened before I was a sparkle in my parents’ eyes, but in high school I dated the son of someone who performed there and for a while I wore his dad’s blue and yellow tie-dyed jeans, which I’m pretty sure were at Woodstock–memory by osmosis. Man, I loved those jeans.That’s all I’ve got! Please share a better story!


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