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sun1.jpgI’m on a gentle little yoga things kick. One small pose done before breakfast can change your whole day. These two are very simple, gentle poses that almost anyone can do. They’re usually called Cat and Cow. But at Hollyhock, my sweet teacher Eleanor called them Smiles and Rainbows, which no matter how anti-cute you are, brings in a little bit of sunshine, I think.

Try This: Lay down some padding, get on all fours, knees and palms, like you’d be if you were playing horsey with a little kid. For Smile (Cow), exhale, then inhale while slowly arching your back like a low-slung cow, looking toward the ceiling, without crinking your neck–keep a soft arch in it. Now exhale into Rainbow (Cat), pulling your sacrum and middle back toward the ceiling and casting your gaze downward toward the floor. Alternate between the two now, moving with your breath. Inhaling into Smile/Cow, Exhaling into Rainbow/Cat. Keep the visual in mind that you are creating smiles and rainbows with each one and let yourself fill with that sparkly energy.

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Video of both:

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