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sun1.jpgThe other day Holly posted on Five Ways to Have a Good Morning. Happily a bunch of you added some lovely thoughts, things like, silence, gratitude, prayer reading something you love, plus the things many of us try to do because it really would make life easier–reader Gwendolyn says her “I’ll do it lateritis” keeps her from doing things like getting clothes and lunch ready the night before. Thanks, y’all. I’ll just chime in with a few of my own ways I have a good morning:

1) Get out of bed slowly. I find those mornings when I jump up it’s because I’m anxious or worried. And just the act of lying there for an extra minute, rolling over to my side and pushing myself up with my hands (rather than jerking forward like a spring-loaded folding chair), I feel so much better.

2) Shower. Ok, this might seem obvious, but true confession, sometimes I’ve battled the snooze button for so long that there’s just no time. I always, always feel better when I’ve gotten a chance to smear on my Weleda body stuff and feel the heavenly spray of water rinse the night and previous day away.

3) Leave five minutes early. This is part of the “don’t rush” thing, but it makes a huge difference, really. My absolute, must-leave time is 9:15–and that means a very brisk walk to the subway, skipping the local good coffee in my ‘hood. But if I leave at 9:05, 9:10, I can get coffee from Audrey the nice barista and even enjoy breathing in the morning sun, air, and season for a few sweet blocks.

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