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legsupwall.jpgOn my vacation a massage therapist who specializes in lymphatic drainage told me my lynphatic system was “challenged.” Oy. But one of several suggestions she gave me for keeping it pumping and lively was a super-simple yoga pose that I often dismiss as kind of lame. It’s “legs up the wall” (or viparita karani in Sanskrit) and it helps reverse gravity’s effect on your legs, refreshing blood supply and recirculating lymph. It’s also a lovely rest for the lower back. And a great thing to do first thing in the morning.

To give it a try, scootch up to a free wall. Slide your hip right against it with your legs stretched out in front of you. Lie down on your back and slide your legs up the wall until they and your butt are in an L-shape against the wall. if you want some extra back strech, slide a pillow under your lower back. Place you hands on your belly and softly breath for five to 10 minutes.

Yoga has a nice, more detailed instruction on legs up the wall here.

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