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taurus.jpgThe only time I might invoke my astrological sign (Taurus) in everyday conversation or thought is when I find myself doing something stubborn, overly practical, or in some other way classically Taurean.  What I don’t make a habit of is checking my horoscope.  It unsettles me, like there might be something bad waiting in the stars that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy when it enters my consciousness.

Maybe that makes me more of a Taurus?  I don’t claim to understand these things.

But I am  mondo-grateful to my blog sister Valerie for forwarding me this week’s Taurus horoscope from Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology site.  Here’s what he said:

Let’s say you’re listening to your favorite band on a stereo system.
There is a place between the two speakers where you will hear the two
streams of music blend perfectly, exactly as the sound engineer
intended. This place is called the sweet spot. If you play tennis or
baseball, you know about another version of the term “sweet spot.” It’s
the area on the racquet or the bat where you get best results when
striking the ball. According to my astrological analysis, Taurus, this
will be your ruling metaphor for the next three weeks. You have arrived
at your very own sweet spot — the embodiment of all that is melodious,
graceful, delicious, aromatic, and effective.

Three weeks of “sweet spot!”  I bet we could all use such a promising prediction (high-five, fellow Taureans!)  Is it allowed to share horosopes with other signs?  If not, I’ll relax into the comforting thought that each of us will have a “sweet spot” time in our own season.

And while I harbor no huge expectations of harmonic convergence in the next three weeks, it’s a nice thought that someone thinks there’s a corner, somewhere, that I might be about to turn.  Nice enough, in fact, that my next stop is to visit Beliefnet’s own Daily Horoscope channel and open my mind to the stars a little bit more.  Not all self-fulfilling prophecies are scary, after all….

Are you a horoscope-r?   

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