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The flu is a winter problem, right?  Wrong!  I just learned that worldwide, there have been 150,000 confirmed cases of swine flu this summer, and with school starting again soon, the co-mingling of kids, adults, and germs is once again close at hand.

So here is a reprise of some of the best flu-prevention techniques that will keep you healthy for the rest of the summer and right through traditional “flu season.”

1.  Wash Hands – do this after shaking hands, after sneezing, after picking up a hot dog that fell into the grass (shhh!).  Remember good hand-washing procedures: soap up and swish around for as long as it would take you to sing “Happy Birthday” twice – 15-20 seconds.

2.  Get Outside – this is the biggest culprit in winter flu, the way we all re-breathe recirculated air in confined, heated buildings.  In the summertime, it’s easier to beat this flu-causer by getting outside, even if that means stepping out of the air conditioning for a little while each day.

3.  Sleep, Eat, and Drink – if your body is getting all its needs in terms of rest, hydration, and nutrition, it is less vulnerable to the nasties that are floating around in the air and on surfaces.  Germs don’t like to work hard, so make your immune system a formidable opponent and reap the healthy benefits!

Click here for our gallery from last winter of swine flu prevention tips.

And share – have you battled summer flu?  How have you coped?

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