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comfortbed.jpgThe awesome responses on our “What’s Your Comfort Clothing?” post a few weeks ago got my wheels turning.  Of course–it’s not just clothing that comforts us on bad days.  It’s food, movies, places, music, and more.

So I decided I just had to know where Beliefnet’s readers fell on the comfort spectrum.  Do we have salty snacks in common as comfort foods?  Are we divided between PJs and birthday suits for comfort clothing?  Are we rockers, or does gospel music soothe our spirit?

To find out, I created a gallery of polls–paired with fun facts about each comforting category–that I hope will inspire you to think about what your go-to comforters are, and why they’re so centering and feel-good-y.  Looking forward to seeing where we land, I’ll report back on the findings!

Get comfy – and clickk here for the gallery of “What Comforts You?” polls.

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