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SadieSmileMax.jpgIn a lot of yoga circles, eating meat is akin to peeing on the sofa or hitting on a friend’s boyfriend. It’s just not done–at least publicly. Which is why it’s so amazing that the cool yogini Sadie Nardini “came out” this week on her Huffington Post blog as a meat eater. She speaks out against “yogier than thou” NYC yoga studios that preach against meat and the people who eat it in defense of the yogic principle of ahimsa, or not-harming.

She makes a really wonderful case for not shaming people with fear, even in the name of kindness. And says she’s not about hot dogs, but rather judiciously portioned, free-range, grass-fed meat eaten once in a while. I admire her chutzpah. I am sure she will get slammed, but the first responses were basically high-fives from yogis (myself included) who are tired of justifying their personal food choices and health decisions to ironically inflexible vegetarian yogis. (I say that having been a vegan for six years, vegetarian for many more, and a recent sometime meat-eater for my health).

What do you think? Is it anti-yogic to eat meat? Is it more anti-yoga to shame people for doing so?

Sadie’s whole, thoughtful article is here:

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