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women-smelling-clothes.jpgToday is a rainy, bleak-weather day.  I’m tired after a long week.  I have things on my mind. 

This is where comfort clothing comes in.  You know what I mean – that garment that you reach for when you need to feel hugged, snug, or just simply not “ug.”  Since I don’t have a Snuggie (or a Slanket, for you 30 Rock fans), mine is a viscose/cotton/angora wrap sweater from Boden.  It’s ultra-soft, the foamiest shade of deep blue you can imagine, and it feels heavenly against my skin with just a short-sleeved shirt on under it (in the summer–it’s light enough for year-round comfort). 

Best of all, its tie-front design leaves these two soft tails that are perfect for futzing with, should I find myself stressed and in need of a built-in blankie.

Alas, I can’t find my exact sweater on Boden’s website.  But I do see a very similar one on Athleta’s site.  Theirs is an organic cotton/bamboo blend. Yum-o.

What’s your favorite piece of comfort clothing?  What do you reach for when you need to wear a better mood?

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