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Just about everyone wants to feel that their job has purpose and meaning, that what they do makes a difference in people’s lives. And it’s so nice–and rare for a lot of us–to have evidence that it does. Once a month our office manager at Beliefnet sends around quotes from readers of the site saying how important the site is to them. Thought I’d share some of the most recent inspiring and gratifying letters.

“My name is Carol, and I was told about beliefnet through a friend.  When I read my first article I was hooked it is all that I need!  It is uplifting and it allows me to look at my life in a different perspective.  Thank you so much! I feel so blessed to have been introduced to this site!”

“Our town recently had a devastating storm which resulted in hundreds of out of town tree and power people coming from across the country to help out…

Anyway, I was at a gas station waiting for service when I happened to notice a business card from an out of town company – the name was Godwink Tree Removal.

“You and your work obviously have a profound effect on people, I know, because I am one of them. Thank you for sharing your joys with the world.”

“What Music Soothes Your Soul and Refreshes Your Spirit? A great article!  I truly believe in the healing power of music and definately connected with your “create music, speak to a higher power”  In 2007 I asked for a new direction in prayer and faith took a leap into music and it has been rough, but what a beautiful thing to provide something to people that heals or just makes them feel better!”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting  You’ve certainly put together a great website with so many useful articles.  I particularly enjoyed reading Lynda Fassa’s post on “Raising Green Kids” in your Holistic Living section.  It’s taken me at least an hour to drag myself away from the site and write this email! Please keep up the informative and inspiring content!”

Do you feel like your work is making a difference? How so?


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