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frizzyhair.jpgTis the season…for frizzy hair!  Whether it’s sunny and humid or rainy and humid or cloudy and humid, summer is never good news for the silky, shiny tresses that we all yearn for.  If your hair is frizz-prone in general, as mine is, it can feel like a losing battle.

But fear not.  I’ve pulled together 4 tips for managing your hair even in the most humid conditions. 

1.  Braid your hair while it’s wet.  This is a technique that I use often in the summer.  Smooth  your favorite styling product into your damp hair and quickly zip it into a thick braid down your back (or two cute side braids if you can pull it off).  When you un-braid hours later (do this in the morning if you want pretty waves for an evening get-together), you’ll find yourself in happy low-frizz territory because you let your hair dry in a controlled environment.

2.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  I don’t know if this is clinically correct, but I imagine it this way–if your hair is properly moisturized, it won’t have any room to absorb the humid droplets that are waiting in the air for the sole purpose of giving you frizz.  So bring out the big guns:  leave-in conditioners, weekly deep-conditioning treatments, even a drop or two of essential oil massaged into wet hair (I love lavender) or even olive oil.

3.  Try a homemade hair mask.  To drive home point #2 even further, here’s a simple recipe from for a hair mask you can make at home to give your hair the protein boost it needs to hold onto all the moisture you’re giving it.  Mix 8 tablespoons of mayonnaise with 2 eggs and schmear it onto your locks.  Let it sit for half an hour, then rinse.  Shine city!

4.  Avoid the blow-dryer.  Letting your hair air-dry (properly moisturized, of course) is smart in the summer because blow dryers blast apart clumps of curls into a zillion individual strands.  Last time I checked, that was the definition of frizz.  If you must blow-dry, use a diffuser and be gentle.  Very gentle.

What would you add to this list?  What are your favorite de-frizzing products and techniques?
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