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the-love-powered-diet.jpgThe other night I went to the release party for author and Beliefnet blogger Victoria Moran’s latest book, “The Love Powered Diet: Eating for Freedom, Health and Joy.” It was held at the gallery of Peter Max, the visionary artist best known for his “Cosmic 60’s” paintings. Victoria’s inspiring book encourages us to examine the emotions behind food abuse, and then outlines a healthy vegan diet (“love-powered” means for us, our planet, and fellow critters) brimming with fresh veggies, grains, legumes, sprouts, and fruits.

Peter Max’s wife Mary Max, an outspoken vegan, was at the reading, and while introducing Victoria, powerfully described how years ago she tried to educate her friends about healthy eating. To paraphrase her: “My friends wanted the best lipstick, the best face creams, the best bra. I used to say, ‘You want the best of everything, but look at what you’re eating.'” She would gesture to their plates of McDonald’s and pizza. “I said to them, ‘If I took those fries you’re eating, mashed them up and told you to put them on your face, would you?'” They would shake their heads. “‘And if I took that Coke and tried to shampoo your hair with it, would you let me?'” More no’s. “But that’s what they were putting inside their bodies,” she said with wonder. A powerful way to drive the message of “you are what you eat.”

Victoria’s book is full of answers to the question vegans hear most often when they say they don’t consume meat, fish, chicken, eggs, or dairy: “What do you eat?” The answer begins with lots and lots of things that don’t make you fat or foggy. You can find her book here. 

Have you ever dabbled with a vegan diet?  

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