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Thumbnail image for MediterraneanDiet.jpgA new study is out touting the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet.  This will come as no shock to those of you who have already seen our fabulous gallery, “The Health Secrets of the Mediterranean Diet,” but what’s interesting to me is that the new study (click here to learn more about it on WebMD) lists the specific aspects of the Mediterranean diet that contribute to longevity, in rank order.

It’s not what I thought–I would have guessed that the list would say, “olive oil, olive oil, and olive oil. And tomatoes.”  But here’s the list, from most to least significant contributors to long, healthy life:

1. Moderate alcohol consumption
2. Low consumption of meat and meat
3. High vegetable consumption
4. High fruit and nut consumption
5. High monounsaturated to saturated fat ratio (there’s the olive oil!)
6. High legume

Does your diet fit this list? 

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