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gandhi-s-final-steps.jpgI’ve been thinking a lot about journeys lately.  We’re all on more than one at any given moment, don’t you think?  Some that immediately come to mind:

  • A relationship
  • A job
  • A health concern
  • A new home
  • A fitness commitment

The thing about any and all of these journeys is that they aren’t non-stop flights.  We have to pass many milestones to get to where we want to be.  On a relationship journey?  You have to meet the person, figure out if you connect, plan a first date, second date, first kiss, on and on. Trying to lose weight?  You have to choose a plan, set a goal, get through the first day, second, third, first weigh-in, etc. etc.  So many steps.  So many!

In my life, I’m on a couple of journeys right now, and I’m wrestling with this question, which I put to you–How do you celebrate each step, each mini-milestone, while still recognizing the length–sometimes the overwhelming length–of the whole journey?  Do you keep striding at the same pace checking off step after step after step?  Or do you take frequent breaks along the way to catch your breath?

I’m still chewing on this question myself, but I feel strongly that the answer is about balance–balance between celebrating the present moment and gathering strength for the steps ahead.

Please leave your thoughts in the combox – what is the journey management strategy that works in your life?

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