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Thumbnail image for elizedwards.jpgElizabeth Edwards, in Boston over the weekend for a gala at Mass. General Hospital, gave a brief interview to The Boston Globe in which she talked about the kind of support that she’s enjoyed through her years-long battle with breast cancer.

When asked what dealing with her cancer so publicly has been like, she said:

“For me, being public has been an incredible benefit. I got 65,000
e-mails, 30,000 pieces of snail mail. What that meant was there was
never a time when I felt, ‘I’m just going to die, nobody’s going to
care about me, I’m on the last legs.’ I always felt this enormous
amount of support.”

That last sentence really struck me.  It puts a bold, italic, underline, exclamation point around the importance of feeling supported during any kind of medical journey, whether your “public” is the entire nation or just a close community of friends and family.

What do you think?  Are you supported enough in your health journey?  Do you support others?

Click here for the whole Globe interview.

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