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It’s vaguely spring/summer-y out, which besides skirts and sandals means one main thing to me: smoothies! Now that I’m starting to make them again I’m realizing my skills and memory are a little rusty. But so far here’s what I’ve been going with:

1 Banana (fresh or frozen–I keep the latter in the freezer for snacks and smoothies)
3-4 Organic strawberries (fresh)
1/4 cup Organic blueberries from Trader Joe’s (frozen)
7 almonds, rinsed
Splash of water
Splash of whatever juice I have in my fridge (right now it’s lemon nectar)

And the add-ins vary. But right now:
1-2 tsp Vitamineral Green (a great blend of grasses, algaes, and probiotics packed with chlorophyll)
2 acidophillus capsules opened and poured in (for happy intestinal balance)
1 tsp green papaya powder (papaya’s active enzyme, papain, helps with digestion)

Toss it all into blender. Puree till smooth and purple. Drink. Yum. Oh and my acupuncturist told me recently that with any kind of juice or smoothie, it’s best to swish it around your mouth a bit because most of our digestion is actually from the enzymes in our saliva. So I’ve been trying to let the two mingle a bit more before swallowing.

Here are tons of smoothie recipes from and

Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes or ingredients?

You can check out Holly’s delicious-sounding morning smoothie recipe for inspiration.


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