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rosesmom.jpgIt’s not till Sunday–you have aaaages. Ok, maybe not. But if you’re anything like me even the most predictable holidays seem to come as a sudden, urgent surprise. “Really, again?” No matter your relationship with your mom (which probably has a blend of every emotion in it), it’s so nice to get her something she loves. And great for both of you and the planet if it’s healthy. My three picks for favorite last-minute Mother’s Day Gifts:

Organic Bouquet

Gorgeous organic flowers, chocolates, and other gifties delivered overnight. Fantastic, fresh quality and lush arrangments like the one in the photo on the left.

Diamond Organics

I love this one-stop shop for everything organic. Check out the gifts section for the mother’s day gift basket which is loaded with an organic flower bouquet, organic fruit, and organic cookies fresh from their bakery. Num.

Allison’s Gourmet

I posted on this delicious vegan bakery  when a friend sent me some deeeluxe birthday fudge. They’ve also got just about every other baked good on the planet, have fast and friendly service, and as for it being vegan (egg- and dairy-free) if you don’t tell I won’t tell, and she will never notice.

Did I miss your favorite place for orangic mom gifts?

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