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sun1.jpg“Watch for an opportunity today to notice that you’re planning on buying something. Choose to do the Tao and listen for guidance. Be grateful that you have the choice to make the purchase, then practice listening to yourself and not doing. Through your feelings, the Tao will reveal the way for you in that moment. Trust it. You might be guided to buy the item and savor it with gratitude, donate it, procure one for you and one for someone else, give the money to a charity instead of getting the item, or refrain from obtaining it altogether.

“Practice doing the Tao in everyday situations and you’ll know contentment in a deeper sense. As this verse continues, “When action is pure and selfless, everything settles into its own perfect place.” Now that’s my definition of contentment!”‘

— Wayne Dyer, from our gallery “Wayne Dyer’s 10 Ways to Go with the Flow” 

And here’s an interview I did with Wayne Dyer a couple of years ago–he’s a genuinely down-to-earth and nice spiritual teacher (you’d be surprised).

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