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tomatomania.jpgTomato planting season is here and fortunately, you don’t need a fancy vegetable garden to reap the bounty of fresh, juicy homegrown organic tomatoes.  A container in a sunny spot will do just fine.  I planted mine last weekend and every morning I inspect and observe and marvel at the subtle changes that seem to occur overnight — the miraculous appearance of a delicate yellow flower that will blossom into fruit or the vine that is climbing higher and higher.

Pick up some plants at your local nursery or farmer’s market and ask which are best suited for containers.  I bought mine from Tomatomania, which is a fantastic source for both growing tips and unique heirloom plants (over 145 varieties).  So go ahead, make it a tomato maniac day.  And tell us how your garden grows.

 Do you have any tomato-growing tips?

[Image via: Tomatomania]

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