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Today’s crafty Fresh Living theme has me thinking. This weekend I had the happy task of delivering a blanket I crocheted to good friends who just had a beautiful baby girl.  I shared with them that every blanket I’ve ever made is unique – I’ve never followed the same pattern twice.  I really like the idea that each gift I create is made for that particular newborn, that particular family.  It’s a one-of-a-kind connection between them and me. See below for photos of 3 examples of blankets I’ve crocheted.

There is another, equally meaningful, crochet blanket philosophy, though: the trademark.  My Great Aunt Dot crocheted a blanket in the same cream-colored yarn, following the same pattern, to give to everyone in the family as an engagement gift.  I felt so special when she gave me my blanket, which I recognized as the same one she’d given my parents when they got engaged.

Fresh Living crafters, what’s your gifting philosophy?  Do you have a standard, beloved pattern that you pride yourself on executing beautifully and giving to loved one after loved one?  Or do you search for new and different patterns to match with individual people?




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