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The Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization are both urging basic flu-prevention practices as they try to stop the spread of swine flu. But given that cold and flu season is feeling so two months ago, I thought it would be helpful to review what those practices are. 

Wash your hands often, in hot soapy water, and for the amount of time it takes you to sing “Happy Birthday” twice (15-20 seconds).

Get enough sleep.  This means slightly different things to different people, but try to get 8 hours of good rest each night to keep your immune system in top flu-fighting shape.

Keep hydrated with 8-10 8-oz. glasses of water each day to flush toxins from your system and maintain good moisture and mucous production in your sinuses.

Be vigilant of surfaces. This is as much a mindfulness exercise as anything else. Be aware of what public surfaces you touch, when you’ve shaken hands with someone, or when you’re using something like a pen that others have recently used–and don’t touch your face until you’ve had a chance to wash your hands.

Know when to get help. Swine flu can look like regular flu, so don’t feel like you necessarily are infected if you’re exhibiting flu-like symptoms.  But do go to your doctor if you live in an area where there are documented cases, or if your symptoms are severe.

The CDC has a really helpful resource page with information on prevention, treatment, and more.

How are you handling the swine flu scare?

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