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Stephen Hawking, the mathematician and physicist famous for his work on black holes, is reportedly hospitalized with a chest infection and is very seriously ill, according to the Associated Press. 

Though I admit to understanding very little of his work, I admire Hawking very much.  He has devoted his life to finding a “unified theory,” a science-based explanation of who we are and how we got here (to shamefully simplify a brilliant body of work–click here for more about it in his own words).  He hasn’t fully achieved it, but wow, the power of going for something that big. 

So, as we think healing thoughts for Stephen Hawking tonight, let us also think of big things, questions that are more than a single person can ever answer, but that spark the human spirit that always wants to know more, understand more, teach more.

A speedy recovery, Professor.  The world needs you.

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